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As a exotic "home service", since you can take advantage of a very short period of time to occupy the domestic market, but also gave birth to a lot of home service brand enterprises. This home service market is how much magic, so many distributors and brand companies to join? Now in the market, there are what brand of business existence? Healthy and environmentally friendly cotton and linen home service what?


Before entering the home service market, we first want to find out the home service brand. The Xiaobian first to recommend: Karen Fort home service brand. Being a homewear brand that uses natural bamboo hemp and bamboo-cotton blended fabrics is the brand's unique competitive advantage in the industry. Bamboo patented technology, Karen Fort home service has made more than 60 national patents Oh. Kailun Bao not only use the finest fabrics, but also in the design style is the coexistence of fashion and intellectual. In the design market is currently very popular domestic design style, high-end, big, differentiated positioning clear home service brand! But also in the product line, but also covers: Zhuma home service, Zhuma Socks, bamboo and linen shoes, bamboo linen single pants, bamboo linen bedding, bamboo linen towels, and other full items bamboo and linen products! Can well meet the current consumer demand for it.

家居服品牌有哪些 棉麻家居服品牌

If you want to join Karen Fort home service, you can proxy or join. However, we need to note that: the Guangdong market dominated by the company Oh. If you are interested in joining, leave a message or call now for the enterprise. Karen Fort home service brand look forward to your joining.

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