MQ Big Eye Frog: Feel Sinology, and the company feel the cultural wisdom of the Book of Changes

"Zhouyi, from the use of the mouth, from the Bu from. What is the life? Logical finder, non-fatal. Occasional, uncontrollable, life also. Spirit, spirit and faith. Life control is very good, uncontrollable and frankly faced. "On the evening of November 12, 2015, at eight o'clock, to enrich the cultural life of employees and enhance the cohesion of employees, At the call of Mr. Liu Zhao, employees of Lamborbyson attended the Guoxue Lecture Hall organized by the Chaoshan Cultural Exchange Association in Guangdong Province - "Cultural Wisdom of the Zhouyi". They felt the mysteries of Chinese learning and felt the cultural wisdom of the Zhouyi. Mr. Liu Zhao, the chairman of Lamborstar (second from right), leads the employees to attend the class of Chinese studies. Left one: Mr. Liu Bin, general manager of Lamborgholm company Mr. Zhang Hua, the brand director of MQ Big-eyed Frog Left Mr. Li Ling, brand retail manager Biography culture, the Chinese dream of the round This course has attracted the views of all walks of life, the venue has been full of people early! Let us feel together the atmosphere of the course site, together into the Book of Changes world. Pre-lecture Pre-class site moderator Tsinghua President Ban Chao Chaoshan students executive director Miss Wilson Yiu speech Chaoshan Cultural and Arts Exchange Association of Guangdong Province President Li Tingfu

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