Winter eye-catching masterpiece: wine long coat + shirt

Workplace beauty, work time is to wear a business wear, it seems that only this weekend's time, we can well enjoy this casual wear. Winter season, what to wear to the streets will be more attractive? Xiaobian recommend to everyone: long coat + shirt.

普普风 - FGFEEL

The temperature in winter is a bit low, but it is not enough to put heavy cotton padding on it right now, and a coat can get you out of the street. In the choice of coat, we can choose the lighter color, so as to attract more attention, to attract everyone's attention. Burgundy coat, the color will be able to play a catchy role. There is, burgundy coat + white shirt + leggings + high heels. A simple combination of single product, but it can show us a stylish and beautiful landscape.


In the burgundy coat, do not know if you like the hooded design or ... ... pop - FGFEEL2015 winter new clothes, whether lapel or hooded design has a lot of money, we can choose according to their own preferences.

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