How to attract more long-sleeved down jacket with personality

Are you confident about your body? Are you a big long-legged girl? If so, you should make good use of your strengths, envy a lot of dead people. If you have long legs, but do not take advantage of it, that is no good. If more eye-catching it? Quickly enhance the clothing, long fashion down jacket with a free personality, to show the unique charm, Mei Sha others!

时尚自由点 -Free point.

A pure white long down jacket, always give a snow white taste. Long coat has always had a natural gas field, combined with the inside with the fashion, warm black bottoming shirt and a wide-legged personality full of pants, it becomes more aura. A scarf is not just a heating artifact, it is the finishing touches oh!

如何更加吸睛 长款羽绒服个性搭配

It seems that in winter, the girls still prefer darker colors. But there are so many shades of black, so you've been a whopping purple. Long version of the type with your big legs, it is even more slender tall. Take the dress is also very important. Here choose a very temperament style suit, greatly enhance the clothing, enhance the charm.

Photo credit: Women's fashion freedom point

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