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The evaluation of the collection value of the South Red Agate has many aspects. The color is one aspect, the quality is one aspect, the weight is one aspect, and the engraving is also one aspect. Among the most collectible colors are Jinhong, Persimmon Red, Rose Red, Cherry Red, Cinnabar Red, etc. The general solid color South Red Agate is very expensive, and the most collectible value in the current market is the most collectible. Brocade or persimmon red. Quality is also an important aspect. The value of South Red Agate without cracks, no ore points, and no impurities is also high. Because of the special reasons for the formation of the environment in South Red Agate, there are very few rough red and agate stones. Therefore, the weight of the block is also an important factor in the evaluation of the value. The better the quality, the purer the color, the heavier the weight, the value. The higher. Not to mention the engraver, a good South Red Agate stone plus a craftsman's exquisite craftsmanship, its value can even be turned up several times, sometimes excellent carvings can even subvert some of the quality of the South Red Agate Therefore, engraving is also an important factor in the evaluation of value.

In summary, the above-mentioned points are absolutely the best South Red Agate. The best South Red Agate can often be encountered but not available. If you have money, you may not be able to buy it. Therefore, the collection value of this rare South Red Agate can be seen. Very high, whether it is investment collection or change hands are very popular, of course, the price is very expensive.

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