The difference between agate and chalcedony

Today Xiaobian tells everyone the difference between agate and chalcedony. The chalcedony is called the sister jade of agate. I believe few people know this. And when we choose the jewelry made of such agate and chalcedony, how do we distinguish whether we see chalcedony or agate?

The difference between agate and chalcedony

1. Stripe: Agate belongs to medium and low grade jade raw materials, cryptocrystalline structure (that is to say, crystal particles are not visible), and has obvious band-like stripes and glass luster, which is easy to distinguish. Need to pay attention to the difference between agate and chalcedony, agate cryptocrystalline, with obvious strip texture, glass luster, and chalcedony is microcrystalline, no strip-like texture, glass to grease luster.

2, the difference between chalcedony and agate is whether there is a pattern. Strictly speaking, there is no feature of the strip pattern. It can only be called "chalcedony", which can be called agate. But in the current market, some chalcedony without pattern is also regarded as "agate", which is inconsistent with the meaning of ancient agate. Many of the jade in jade are jade raw materials. Because of their different colors, they are divided into: red chalcedony (also known as Inka), green onion, blood chalcedony (also known as bloodstone) and Biishi (formerly known as Jasper). )Wait.

3, color: agate according to the morphological characteristics can be divided into the following varieties: onyx (with a skein of agate and cut agate), red onyx, moss agate (also known as dendritic agate), landscape agate (also known as city Zhai agate, fire agate, water agate. The famous Nanjing "Huahua Stone" is a kind of agate with a concentric structure. The evaluation and purchase factors of agate are color, transparency and blockiness. The process requirements are bright, pure, thick color layer; smooth surface, high transparency; uniform and clear texture, good linearity; fine texture, toughness; no cracks or cracks; Red and blue are the best.

4, the variety of chalcedony: green chalcedony (also known as Australian jade, also known as Inka stone in China), thick green chalcedony, Bi Shi, blood chalcedony (also known as bloodstone). The color of chalcedony is pure and beautiful, and the bigger the block, the better. The quality of green chalcedony and green chalcedony is the most precious. The chalcedony is processed into jewelry such as ring faces, bracelets and necklaces.

5, agate and chalcedony can be distinguished according to different colors, stripes and other patterns. Chalcedony products are easily confused with Dongling stone, dense jade, jasper, etc., and can be distinguished according to differences in color, texture and density. The chalcedony product has a bright, cryptocrystalline structure with a fine texture. The quartzite particles such as Dongling Stone are coarse and fine-grained, and the texture is relatively rough. Jade similar to green chalcedony has green jade, turquoise, and Tianhe stone. The green jade plaque interweave structure, visible phenocryst or fibrous jadeite crystal. Turquoise transparency is poor, porcelain gloss, low hardness, 5-6. Tianhe stone has obvious lattice-like stripes.

The above is the difference between agate and chalcedony introduced by Xiaobian.

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