Ice glass production and purchase

[China Glass Net] Ice glass is a kind of glass that has been treated with special glass to form an unnatural ice texture.

The ice glass has a diffusing effect on the passing light. For example, the door and window glass is like a layer of gauze, which can not see the indoor scene, but has good light transmission performance and good decorative effect.

Ice glass can be made of colorless flat glass, or can be made of colored glass such as brown, blue or green. Its decorative effect is better than embossed glass, giving a fresh feeling, is a new type of interior decorative glass. It can be used for doors, windows, partitions, screens and home decoration in hotels, restaurants and other places.

The main principle of making ice glass is to use a kind of glue with strong adhesion to firmly bond with the sandblasted glass. During the drying of the glue, the glass particles are separated from the surface due to volume shrinkage. To form a beautiful pattern that is natural and non-repetitive like ice.

The production process of ice glass is as follows:

1. Sandblasting sandblasting the glass to form a rough surface of the glass is beneficial to the bonding of the glue to the glass. When the glue is dried, the glass particles on the rough surface are more easily pulled off, thereby forming an ice pattern.

Now some manufacturers produce ice glass glue, which can be directly coated with glass without sandblasting.

2. Glue Apply the prepared ice glass glue evenly on the glass blasting surface. When the ambient temperature is low, it is better to heat the blasted glass to 50~60 °C before applying the glue.

3. Explosive flower The glued glass is sent into a special popcorn room, and the hot air is blown into the hot air for about two hours until the glue is completely peeled off and an ice pattern is formed on the glass surface.

4. Clean the surface of the glass after the explosion. After drying, it is inspected and stored.

Ice glass has a light diffusing function, because its surface is uneven, so it is transparent and opaque, which plays the role of lighting and blocking the line of sight. Processes such as squeegee or coating can be applied to the ice glass to make it suitable for more decorative functions.

Ice glass produced by different manufacturers, due to technical differences, the effect and quality will be very different:

Good quality ice glass, ice pattern is clear and natural, concave and convex, poor quality ice glass, ice pattern is fuzzy and flat, and will fall.

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