Agate stone map

Agate is a chalcedony with different color bands or patterns (see "Ci Hai"). It is a translucent mineral. These agate sheets are thin and clearer and more revealing, showing the natural pattern of agate. When people choose and compare, they find many pictographic patterns, some are like landscape flowers, some are like characters, animals, and some are like words... This is precisely the fact that “there is no knowledge of the deep people, and it is difficult to give up.” A spring breeze comes, and thousands of trees and pears bloom.

The agate piece of stone - a singular singularity, is thus displayed in front of people. The news is not awkward and many stone-splitters want to see their "family", they are coming, they are picked up in piles of agate tablets, hoping that they can have unexpected discoveries. When the opportunity came, the author was involved in the moment, and it took more than ten years to collect more than 500 pieces of agate pieces of various pictographic patterns. The agate piece of strange stone, the fun and natural, its pictographic pattern is subtle, the aesthetic connotation is rich, the art is high, it is amazing, and its collection value is self-evident.

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