Congratulations: LAPORA Li Mo Shijiazhuang White Commercial Plaza, Limerco counters grand opening

After the winter, the temperature on the same day. Gradually cold weather, so that everyone began to work "cramped" seems to have a great impact on everyone. However, this has no effect on LAPORA Limo. Congratulations: LAPORA Li Mo Shijiazhuang White Commercial Plaza, Limerco counters grand opening. Lomo women's atmosphere of the store's image is particularly eye-catching, the Chinese red window adds more holiday-like festive. I believe LAPORA Li Mo to high-quality products and quality service will have a place in Hebei market.


LAPORA Limo under the Shenzhen City Road Clothing Co., Ltd, which is committed to creating a superior quality of life forms and detached clothing culture enterprises. After several years of continuous development, has a certain market share in the market. However, in order to better advance, LAPORA Li Mo also need to continue to inject fresh "blood" to the team. In the last quarter of 2014, LAPORA LEMOR sincerely invited you to join us.

恭贺:LAPORA丽莫石家庄怀特商业广场丽莫专柜盛大开业 恭贺:LAPORA丽莫石家庄怀特商业广场丽莫专柜盛大开业

If you are interested in LAPORA LOLO ladies, do not miss the chance. Quickly leave a message for LAPORA LOLO WOMEN. Brand companies will also be in the shortest possible time to get in touch with you to negotiate to join the matter. LAPORA Li Moro invite you to join in the next intersection, whether to see your presence?

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LEWES: 2/48 70% Cotton 20%Silk10%Cashmere (Semi-worsted) blend yarn - 16colors

BLAKENEY: 2/36 95%cotton5%cashmere(Machine washable - Semi worsted) blend yarn-16 colors

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