Sports chic color matching different types of shoes recommended

This site December 18 hearing, the winter has always been to give people the feeling is "plain" collocation, today we come to a different point, in the full winter atmosphere highlights their own fashion taste, recommended three different color combinations of color Shoes for everyone to choose.

Tribute to the 100-year brand BAIT x Brooks Chariot

On November 22nd, BAIT, the famous sneakers store in California, will open its fourth store in Seattle, Washington. To celebrate this anniversary, BAIT and Brooks, the city's legendary sports brand, launched a joint plan and issued the pair’s name “ Centennial's special note shoes. Based on the classic Chariot born in 1982, the design concept "Centennial" is a tribute to Brooks' century-old history; the upper body is made of high-quality lambskin and pigskin, and the combination of navy blue, water green and red reflects Brooks's Classic brand culture; joint insignia on both sides of the insole; performance, adopted the brand patented technology DRB arch stability, brings a sense of comfort.

Adidas originals New "Sneaker Boutique" collection

Adidas originals recently released the new "Sneaker Boutique" collection, which includes two pairs of ZX500 and Bankshot 2.0. It is reported that the design of this series of shoes inspired by the honeycomb of the bees, the honeycomb pattern is extracted for pattern printing, and then applied to four different shoes, the idea is very new. Among them, the ZX500 series has successfully kept everyone's attention with a simple appearance. This time, it uses gray and red-brown suede to wrap the body of the shoe. The honeycomb pattern on the side of the shoe plays a decorative role, with a white outsole, which can highlight the simplicity. The details are in place.

Outdoor trend hit color ASICS Gel-Spotlyte

At that time, ASICS was reluctant to eat only running shoes and quietly made many efforts to join the NBA, including the pair of Hall of Fame stars Isiah Thomas signature shoes - Gel-Spotlyte, with the rise of the 90s shoes in recent years, Gel-Spotlyte was again salted and turned into a topic. Recently, ASICS has released an “Outdoors” color scheme. As its name implies, the sneakers are composed of brown cracked leather and dark green matt leather, which are full of autumn outdoor atmosphere. The orange elements are dotted in various parts, reminiscent of the eye-catching rider’s safety vest. . Gel-Spotlyte "Outdoors" Full of trendy hit color match style, shoe lovers who want to pick a unique retro basketball shoe model may wish to pay attention. (Collaborative Media: Four Seasons Bear Children's Shoes Morning Children's Shoes)

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