Ouview2015 new product launch attracted concern brand executive director Li Huanxin debut Guangdong News Channel


2015 Ovi Fashion [elegant • unbounded] spring and summer new conference has ended, but still attracted the attention of the majority of business people and the media. Recently, Mr. Li Huanxin, Managing Director of Ovid, appeared in Guangdong News Channel, introducing the origin and development of Ovid, the theme of the conference and the prospect of the future.

Mr. Li Huanxin, Managing Director of Shenzhen Ovid, introduced Ouwei brand from the French fashion capital Paris for many years has been leading the fashion trend, with its unique style and trend control, by many celebrities and fashion people Sought after Elegant, stylish, high-quality full range of clothing to meet the multi-lifestyle needs of urban women's dress code, is the leading high-end women's mature brand. 2012 Ovid brand strong access to the domestic market.

This spring and summer new conference is based on the theme of "elegant and unbounded", combining natural materials with advanced versions and techniques of Europe and the United States. Through cutting-edge novelties and mainstream colors, Elegant and Eurasian fashion with the same strain of the unique implication of fashion for the East to bring a new type of women's elegant and comfortable. European mix and match dress experience, leading the trend of women's development. This conference has 6 series, mainly to the main elegance. Although the franchisees have spread all over the country, there are still some blank areas, all of which are bound to be filled up in 2015. Let us wait and see Ovi fashion more brilliant future!

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