The most accurate way to measure the size of a jade bracelet

The most troublesome thing about wearing a jade bracelet is the size. Most people don’t measure the size of their hands. This is why many jade bracelet lovers are discouraged when buying jade bracelets online. Is there any way to make us accurate and fast? Measuring the size of your hand so that we can buy a jade bracelet?

One method is actually very simple. Go to the store to buy a jade bracelet. When you buy it, take a look at it. If you think that the jade bracelet in the store doesn't have the discount in the online store, you can choose not to buy it. At least we know our size. . Another way is to measure by yourself, try to close the four fingers together, then use a caliper to measure the circumference of the four fingers at the widest point. Adding an extra 2 or 2 mm is the circle for our jade bracelet.

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