Karman 2014 winter fur to accompany you through the warm fashion winter

Fur has always given others the feeling of elegance, whether stars or fashion stars are very fond of using fur to match clothing, especially in Europe and the United States. Culinary teach you how to make good use of fur in winter to match and warm it.

卡蔓 - Carmen

Pure black mink fur, winter wild fur you have? Card cranberry selection made of the crown of Denmark's crown mink, mink velvet content is high, snow drifting north, this will be your best choice.


Very beautiful orange. Winter is not so hot orange red, but it is a touch of warm winter colors, this fur also uses a rabbit fur embroidery process, different from the market of ordinary fur, how much will bring some ethnic flavor Oh. Winter warmth, buy orange.


Green tone rabbit fur leopard fur, is no longer the traditional leopard, only Caman international fashion style.


Favorite short black fur, the big actress's favorite, a spring, autumn and winter can be the United States and the United States with the fur style. Spring with Floral Dress, Autumn with plaid shirt. For the upcoming winter, suit with fashionable black short-sleeved fur outside, more thick Europe and the United States tune.

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