Good news - N. PerfectCombination Teli perfect combination of brand women signed in November new orders

N.Perfectcombination from the United Kingdom, is a focus on the sisters culture fashion brand , advocating intimacy, sharing the spirit of art, the new listing after a wide range of fashion women's fanatical pursuit, become girlfriends and love between the best gifts.


N.Perfectcombination guided by the world's leading fashion culture and design philosophy, each season's series of new products inspired by Young and Naomi Miller collecting the wind around the world, they will be inspired by the acquisition and the girlfriends get along with the feelings of the past to create a Bestie culture of clothing.


November Xu Division Manager signed a row in succession, including yesterday signed a contract with Ms. Gao Hongyun "Yunnan Red River" marked the perfect combination of N. perfectCombination and successfully settled in the influential tourist provinces and cities nationwide, is about to bring our sister culture into Yunnan Honghe Hope that the perfect combination of fashion women to Yunnan's fashion women do not feel the same. Thanks to Ms. Gao for her support and trust in the "perfect combination" brand. I would like to thank Mr. Xu for his efforts and for gratitude for the perfect combination of the joint efforts of all my colleagues.


Ms. Gao and Development Manager Xu photo

â—† cooperation support:

1) Product Support: The first zero inventory risk

2) store support: store decoration support and image design

3) sales technology and service support

4) quarterly album advertising design support

5) New listing promotion design support

6) large-scale activities, new store opening planning support

7) Holiday gift design support

8) terminal professional display guide

9) manager, shopping guide training support

10) promotion support: store marketing, promotion planning full support

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