How to dress boys in November is more tide? November boys dress with tips

Although November has not yet entered the real winter, but we can already feel the cold from the winter, then at this time, boys and how to dress up before it is more cool? The following Xiaobian to come to your fellow men Weaponry Some November boys dress with skills, boys if you want to make yourself more attractive, you can not miss it! Compared to girls, boys do not seem so cold, so boys do not need to wear too thick in November, like the handsome guy, pick a mosaic jacket jacket, and then take the fashion white shirt and light blue Color trousers to wear together, you can easily create a tide of male image, there is no handsome cool and type it? If you like a more casual mix of words, you can also like this model, like to choose simple T shirt to wear with a vest coat with cotton, casual fashion without losing the handsome, and then coupled with fashion jeans, the overall look exhaustive Sunshine type male charm, and cotton vest coat can also help us to keep warm Oh! (Figure source: black bats men's clothing)

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