Lace with nude color Princess's skirt is also so selected

The arrival of spring and summer, dress has become one of the topics between sister Amoy. No matter how the trend of recent seasons changes, nude color dresses are one of the girls spring and summer love single product. And the nude color dress with lace is the perfect combination of the nude color elegance and lace fashion. Do not believe, even Kate Princess also wear!


See Kate Princess attended the Diamond Jubilee Ceremony wearing this one Alexander McQueen nude color dress. Alexander McQueen brand as a British pride is also popular with the new princess, long-sleeved nude color lace dress all reveal elegant and fashionable atmosphere, a good interpretation of the noble temperament.

蕾丝搭配裸色 王妃的裙子也这么选

Ruiqi Maya spring and summer new series

Delicate and charming lace in the sexy mask contains a deep romance and sophistication, which makes Lace elements in the use of clothing enduring. Lace dress most suitable for intellectual temperament of girls. With the combination of chiffon material is to bring a rich sense of hierarchy, hollow elements also give sexy extra points!

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