Early spring wear what is appropriate? Fresh cotton dress to greet the arrival of spring

The temperature in early spring is still very cold, but people can not wait to put on the spring. Down coat really make people want to get rid of, but what to wear to deal with the cold weather? The following small series for everyone to collect two fresh single product, warm in the warm at the same time, but also make people feel the breath of spring. So young women's literature and art, you still have reason to refuse it?


Retro-style walls, green trees everywhere full of vitality. Standing in the corner of the girl dressed in white cotton, with a light blue skirt, black high-heeled high boots, very pure and sweet. Let people see the color of spring. Women's temperament and beauty are not born with acquired clothing is very important.


This goose-yellow jacket has a new feeling. This color is suitable for early spring Oh. Beautiful cotton pad simple casual style for all types of girls. The following with a small skirt and leggings, playful cute, it is pleasing. If with a scarf, will be more stylish Oh.

Picture from: Red rain bamboo women

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