Winter down jacket can be used to wash the washing machine do?

Blink of an eye, the cold winter has passed, wearing a winter down jacket should be cleaned up and put away. However, for the cleaning and maintenance of down jacket some people are not very understanding. How to clean down jacket, down jacket in the end the hand wash or dry cleaning. These are not necessarily, take a look down jacket expert " cold heron " product manager for us to answer, what should be washed down jacket?


First of all, we say that down need to wash, it is best not to use the washing machine to wash. In the inside of the jacket we bought, there will be a small label printed with down jacket ingredients and washing instructions, are basically printed on the small label hand wash, wash the other words, warm down jacket and the inside of the filler will cause damage .

Second, we wash the temperature down jacket, we recommend that the water temperature between 20-40 ℃, the first down jacket with blisters look for a quarter of an hour, by hand down jacket press, make it as fast as possible moist. In addition, do not put too much detergent, almost on the line, when washing with a soft brush lightly scrub. Water also needs warm water when rinsing.

寒冬过去 羽绒服可以用洗衣机清洗吗?

After the down jacket wash, we do not wrung it by hand, you can use to gently squeeze out the water, and then dry, and remember do not expose it!

I am here to explain, when washing the water temperature must be controlled, when washing do not use the washing board. Down jacket should not be washed often, so please be friends usually clean point. In addition, some down jackets are not dry-cleaning, wash down time or look down the label inside the down jacket, follow the instructions on the small label to clean it.

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