Striped innocence of the world, we work together to explore!

Throughout the major international fashion brand fashion release T-stage, the color stripe fashion was most vividly interpreted, the classic navy style, sports stripes, retro stripes, all become the focus of competition for designers, color stripes is indeed the most spring of 2014 Hot fashion element. So "striped" childhood has what kind of colorful, its innocence filled with fantasy world experience? Quickly with the mini-pencil together to announce it! Super-version of the striped cardigan, highlighting the elegance of the baby, the use of cotton fabric, soft and comfortable, with contrast color knit pants, full range of fashion children. Visually create a sense of infinite stretch stripe dress, gorgeous design infancy innocence and cute, with the same color full leggings and knitted jacket, filling playful. The wave of sports and leisure is still popular in 2014 boys spring new products, from the simple design of stripes, fresh colors, comfortable fabrics, each wearing a little boy's vitality and vitality. Contact: Yuan Sailing Mobile: Website: http://

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