2013 autumn pop casual dress with casual style go

Cool autumn wind has not blown, busy mushroom cold but they have already packed up the closet, make more space for the autumn. Women need more than the United States, but also the needs of fashion, fashion, Xiangnuo advocating the pursuit of healthy and perfect, close to the natural way of life, the urban women on the bright vision of the most incisive, never blindly follow the trend, has its own unique style.


To say that the most casual and natural wear, of course, non-denim must go, free to mix or elegant, or casual, or sweet, or sexy, can break the line, so that urban women exudes a unique style and personality, fine lamb collar fusion The cold cowboy cool, so wearing a more soft and comfortable.

2013秋装流行装扮  随性休闲风走起

For a long time female house, it is time to release yourself, put on relaxed, casual dress, a classic Check jacket, let the body get the maximum relaxation. Pick a good sunny day, quit WeChat, microblogging, turn off the phone, walk outdoors and return to the embrace of nature.

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