The effect of second-hand radiation suits is greatly reduced. It is recommended not to use

According to recent Taobao data, from mid-January to early March 2013, the transaction volume of second-hand radiation suits reached more than 5,700, compared with 3,200 in the same period last year, an increase of nearly 44%.

Why are second-hand radiation suits so popular?

The reporter learned through interviews that the minimum amount of regular ordinary metal fiber radiation protection clothing sold on the market today is more than 300 pieces, and the price of silver fiber fabric is four or five hundred yuan, and if you want to buy something like Italian 十, October Mommy, etc. The big brand radiation suits are even more expensive, and some models cost even thousands of dollars. In the case of small brands with too low prices, consumers are worried that their quality cannot be guaranteed. In the face of this situation, many low-end and mid-end consumers can only hope to "satisfy" and turn their attention to second-hand radiation suits.

What is the effect of second-hand radiation suits?

Seeing the second-hand radiation suits popular, then the anti-radiation of second-hand radiation suits has no effect? ​​How is the effect? ​​In response to these problems, the reporter visited a number of second-hand maternity supplies stores, the clerk said, but as long as the care is in place, not often wash After using it, it is not a big problem to lend to relatives and friends to continue to use it. Then, the reporter also called the professional radiation protection clothing brand company related customer service, such as Italy 十, October Mommy, Tianxiang, etc., their customer service said that due to the use of radiation protection clothing in the use of friction, the middle of the fiber Silk will suffer a certain degree of damage, and the protective effect on pregnant women will be greatly reduced. Therefore, pregnant women are not recommended to wear second-hand radiation suits.

Expert: Try not to use second-hand radiation suits

There are no specific specific standards for radiation protection suits in China. Although the radiation protection suits are temporarily listed as quality inspection systems for textiles, there should be differences in relevant standards. Therefore, relevant quality supervision departments should remind consumers to choose radiation protection suits as much as possible. Famous brands such as 婧麒, Tianxiang and so on.

The reporter also called Liu Ailing, deputy director of Peking Union Medical and Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Liu said: In theory, most of the radiation protection garments on the market now mix the alloy fibers into cotton fibers. After a long period of wear and friction, Washing, the wire will be broken, damaged, exposed and other problems, most products will have "effect gain and loss" phenomenon, resulting in reduced protective effect. Therefore, pregnant women are advised not to use second-hand radiation suits.