How to identify the true and false of jade

Nowadays, there are too many products that are shoddy and shoddy. The quality problem has become a common problem in all walks of life. How to distinguish the authenticity of products? For example, jade products, how to identify its true and false, what are the methods?

To be frank, the authenticity of a jade is not a sentence or two. In particular, the craft of jade leave is now more and more exquisite. Unlike the previous B goods, the general experience can be separated. It is said that there is already a process of A+B, using natural jade as a base, and rinsing and filling. Forming products that are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a jadeite, or go to a store with goodwill, and ask for an identification certificate. The current identification certificate can be accessed online or by telephone.

Also give you a tip. It is emerald jade, that is to say, yellow and green. And especially the emerald is the top grade. Therefore, when you choose jade, if the water is good, it is transparent and moist and green. Such a jade must be a small question mark before the purchase. Because of such a piece of jade, if it is a natural jade of goods, the price is often tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of millions. It is not the price that ordinary consumers can pay at all. And often the fake business, is to love to do such a fake jade. Let some customers who are cheaper to be fooled. The ordinary jade of a few hundred yuan, less fraud. Because the real thing is only a few hundred dollars, there is no need to falsify.

In the face of numerous jade, how to identify the true and false jade? There are mainly the following methods:

First look at the transparency of its texture. In general, jade is the most transparent or transparent, and the expert is called the old jade, and the value is also the highest. Translucent jade is called new and old, the price is second. The jade is opaque, and the dried jade is called the new jade.

The second is to look at color. The jade is rich in color, such as green, red, purple, gray, yellow and white. The most expensive one is green. According to the depth and shade of green, it is subdivided into more than ten kinds of gemstone green, brilliant green, and glass green. The high-quality emerald green is rich, transparent, oily, and free of impurities. When it is struck with a hard object, its sound is crisp and loud.

The material is imitation made by artificial baking of glass. Its structure is slack, the green is more uniform and dark, and some have bubbles. The sound is hoarse when struck with a hard tool.

Twilight jade is made by colorless jade or white jade and then placed in a green liquid to allow green to penetrate into small cracks. In the sun, you can see that the green color is inside the grain, and the lines are messy and small. Its weight is slightly lighter than true jade. The green color of the twilight jade is mostly yellowish and flashing blue. The color is not as bright and beautiful as natural green, and it will fade, turn yellow or blue in a long time.

The superior quality jadeite is called jade, color, transparency, uniformity, shape and knocking are the methods for ordinary people to view or evaluate jade, and the jade is divided into: glass, dark old pit, old pit, gold wire, oil clear , bean green, flower green, melon green, etc. Among them, the jadeite of the glass type is the top grade, and the water with high water content and good transparency is also called ice type, which can be said to be a treasure in the glass species. Most consumers who buy jade bracelets may have the experience that the merchant will knock the jade bracelet on your face and listen to whether the sound is crisp and turbid, and it is better to have a crisp and melodious voice. This is to prove that the crystal of jade is tight and has no cracks.

Mastering how to identify the true and false of jade products, you will not be deceived. Constant product updates make us think that it is difficult to be smart, know how to distinguish between genuine and fake products, if you still don't know, just study it! Otherwise, you will lose yourself at the end.

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