Hong Kong Lotte Kids Children's fashion trend

In 1998, Lotte Children's Wear Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong was formally established, from a wholesale store specializing in the importation of children's wear into a collection of children's clothing brand development, production, and sales as one of the apparel company. Hong Kong Lotte children's wear to the best, most professional children's wear design elite as the basis. Every year, our designers go to Europe, South Korea, Japan and other trend concentration camps to collect the latest popular information of the quarter, combined with its unlimited creativity and years of experience in foreign trade so that our products regardless of color, style, pattern, fabric, Cropped, or with the way, all reflect the trend of children's fashion trend, in line with the different needs of different countries. Hong Kong Lotte Kids bring the most caring children. We know that a quality of clothing for the healthy growth of children plays a decisive role, therefore, any one of our products are strictly in accordance with national production standards, the use of fabrics are its non-toxic, pollution-free as the basic principle ; Coupled with our continuous improvement of their own requirements to ensure that consumers in our purchase of clothing are soft, breathable, absorbent, warm and comfortable features. It is precisely because our products are fashionable and of good quality. Therefore, our products can rapidly cover major cities in the country and are exported to overseas markets. Our products are well received by Europe, the United States, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, the Middle East, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and domestic customers unanimously appreciated. Lotte Kids Hong Kong's brands include: small building blocks, Rakuten frog, black and white bear, than the Bebe, blue production, T-Mark, and other brands. From Yun Yun, moving leisure to fashion bright, distinctive, suitable for children aged 0-16 to wear, as much as possible to meet different needs of you.

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