Mexico implements transitional safeguard measures for Chinese shoes

Before the transitional measures for some Chinese imports on December 11 ended, the footwear industry associations in Guanajuato, Jalisco, and Mexico in Mexico started to take shoes from China. The investigation was conducted in order to boycott unfair trade practices from China after cancelling excessive measures against China together with the Mexican government. They are collecting materials and are striving to conclude the investigation by the end of this month.

The newspaper stated that this is part of the joint action plan between the Mexican footwear industry producer and the government. The Jalisco Shoe Industry Chamber of Commerce** stated that the first policy to be adopted is "transitional protection measures." Once it proves that imports from China have caused ** or damage to the Mexican national industry, the Mexican government will implement safeguard measures on Chinese products after the transitional measures are over.

The Chamber of Commerce** has affirmed that although there is no accurate figure, China’s imports are increasing in 2011 and the Chamber of Commerce is investigating growth figures. He called on the shoe-making enterprises in the above three states to provide information to the Shoe Industry Chamber of Commerce, and to enable the Directorate of International Trade Practices of the Mexican Ministry of Economic Affairs to verify China's unfair trade practices.

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