Taiwan actively plans to promote functional textile certification mark

The Economic Development Committee of the Taiwan Executive Yuan stated that in the past two years, the low temperature in winter has clearly brought about a wave of heating clothing in the Taiwan market; this is a good opportunity for Taiwan to win the market and expand its territory.

The Taiwan Economic and Construction Association stated that in recent years, the government has been advising the traditional industry upgrading plan, and academics, research institutes, and manufacturers have actively invested in R&D. In addition, Taiwan has ample supply of chemical fiber raw materials, innovative weaving, dyeing and finishing technologies, and functional textiles. Industrial value chains and clustering advantages have gradually been established.

Nanya Plastics, Taiwan Chemical Fibers, Fukeng Xingye, Taiwan Plastics Tai Lilang, Far East Textile and other companies have all developed and produced numerous high-quality functional fabric products.

The Taiwan Economic Construction Association also stated that in order to strengthen marketing and promotion, the Taiwan Spinners Association, with the support of the Ministry of Economy, has actively planned and promoted Taiwan Functional Textiles certification mark business, and has already sent it to Taiwan, the United States, the European Union, Japan, and Mainland and other regions complete the registration, hoping to provide a market with a credible independent verification agency.

In addition to assisting companies in marketing and expanding their markets, they can also provide domestic and foreign buyers and consumers with functional textile quality identification standards. At present, a total of 18 verification standards have been set, and over 400 users have passed the verification process. The effect has been widely recognized and affirmed by the industry.

The Taiwan Economic and Construction Association pointed out that as the world's fashion trends change and environmental protection and other issues arise, the importance of functional textiles will increase. Taiwan has gradually established a functional textile industry value chain and a clustered textile industry. In terms of this, it is a good opportunity to win the market and expand the territory.

The Council further pointed out that in 2010, the output value of Taiwan's textile industry was NT$482.22 billion, which was 28.7% higher than the output value of 374.796 billion yuan in 2009. In the future, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will continue to promote relevant measures. We hope to reach the goal of 580 billion yuan in the textile industry in 2015.

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