Auspicious degree for fashion city in the forefront of fashion to create a fashion trend

New School apparel company founded in 1998, is a fashion design, production and sales as one of modern apparel company, in just a few years, he was awarded the Wenzhou city government "Wenzhou women's most competitive enterprises", "Wenzhou Outstanding Women Brand "," AAA-credit bank unit, "and so on.


The company is also Wenzhou clothing Chamber of Commerce vice president for many years units, director units, standing members units, member units. Company Qi under the brand, is committed to promoting a beautiful fashion lifestyle brand of women's fashion, the company through Europe and the United States fashion, personality style and craftsmanship perfect interpretation and unique understanding to express the modern urban fashion women elegant, romantic and confident fashion Women's brand. Follow the pursuit of fashion, personality, romantic design, adhere to the luxurious, elegant design principles, to show the latest fashion trends of modern urban fashion, always through gorgeous, classic original style, for 25 to 40 years old, high income, high quality, Confident mature business-oriented women and design, let her know how to enjoy life, lead the fashion trend, full of confidence in life. At the same time emphasize the overall design, with a comprehensive match to complete the overall effect, fully embodies the "go its own way, personality flying" brand style.


In the 21st century, enterprises are in the era of coexistence of competition and development with opportunities and challenges simultaneously. In order to promote the development of China's fashion industry and beautify their life, the Company repay the love of consumers with high efficiency, pragmatism, prudence and innovation. Urban women in the forefront of fashion create fashion trends.

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