Ou Yi Ani fall new autumn even more slender physique

"Eugene" is good at cutting and sewing, adhering to the clear and neat style, with the line of law Slim and bright colors with emphasis on women slender figure, and by adding a variety of neutral elements of women The unique taste. But for the creative "Euteny", handsome and wearing is not only a number of isolated elements, the masculinity of time and gentle feminine decorative taste complement each other, saying that the retro uniforms short-fitting inlay The lotus leaf collar, suspenders 祒 coupled with the rough leather belt, the opposite factor can always be cleverly integrated designers, so that wearing a "Euteny" fashion women glow personality luster. Joining conditions: 1, the applicant: more than 2 years of brand clothing management experience and a certain degree of financial strength; 2, agree with the company's brand management philosophy and product style; 3, place of business: the local business district, shopping malls or Shopping malls; 4, business area: store 40 flat (4 meters wide and above the facade), shopping malls more than 30 meters; 5, the store image: uniform according to the company's design drawings to do renovations.