Warmly congratulate our company was commended

In the contest, in the "JIULI textile Cup" Textile industry, our company was honored again and won the 2016 annual textile industry" ten integrity supplier " [ten integrity supplier " winner awarded BAOJI DADI TEXTILE CO.,LTD.in 2016 the global economic recovery is weak and the domestic economy into the new normal background, adhere to technological transformation and equipment upgrading, continue to deepen the structural adjustment of product quality upgrading, overcome all kinds of difficulties, the yield reached above 98% will basically achieve full automatic production, compared with the original production efficiency 46 times. No environmental pollution, the income of workers also can be increased by about 30%. A large number of products into South America, Europe and other relatively high quality requirements for the market. Further consolidate our position in the market competition. Strengthen the company to further improve and expand the market determination. The honored, both on the earth textile company must continue to work hard, but also to the enterprise encouragement and inspiration. We will make in the future work, discard the dross and select the essence, and strive for our glory!