Warmly congratulate Pui rat brand children's clothing Double Happiness joined

Warmly congratulate Pui Musu brand children's clothing will soon be settled in Hualian, Huainan, Anhui Commercial Building, Shantou City, Meeting Times Garden! Specific opening time to be notified, so stay tuned! ! Belarussi brand children's clothing blue breeze image has been popular among people, the quality of clothing, style and price have also been affirmed and appreciated. The franchisee by virtue of keen eyes and judgments choose Pui Musu brand, we will continue to work hard, Pui rat brand better and better, let us go forward together to create success. Shantou City in Guangdong Yao Garment Co., Ltd. began in 2002, the company is located in Chaoshan City, Li Ka-shing's hometown --- Shantou, is a design, production and sales as one integrated large-scale enterprises, under the brand Pu Le mouse children's wear products Exported to Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Russia and other countries, over the years with unique business philosophy and comfortable fashion design style in the children's wear modern fashion trend dominate the shellfish brand as a new era of children's wear a dark horse Has become a miracle in the children's clothing industry. Pule rat inspirational children's wear brand has always believed that only focus and expertise will build trust and success. Zhongyao Company since its establishment, always adhere to the "only children's clothing", has always been the main energy into the development of China's unique inspirational children's clothing brand joined the chain business, and in the core network platform, WeChat and other "mobile Internet" platform to expand the brand influence , "Blue breeze" has been widely proclaimed a special image of China's children's clothing brand model! China Free Join Hotline: 4008-629-689 Shell Lemo official website: www.beileshu.com