1 + 2 = 3 children's wear Chengdu Branch was formally established

August 20, 2013 Remember this moment.Laughs, passionate youth, the cocoon of the butterfly began to flourish in this market in Chengdu. 1 +2 = 3 Children's clothing Chengdu Southwest Retail Department is the three major regions in the country The results are obvious to all, in this good times and beautiful, he / she successfully started a new journey.The company all the family presented flowers and wishes, congratulations to him / they thrive! Everything is hard at the beginning. From scratch, from a regional blank, to today, we have 60 retail stores and a logistics and distribution center. By the establishment of various systems and personnel arrangements, I believe I have paid a great deal of manpower and energy Wise and intelligent. Chengdu branch of you are great! Hope that in this new arena, can create peak performance again. Complete their own business value. The sun is new every day, and Chengdu branch in a starting point, the common start also let other families are "envious." Not everyone can meet a good opportunity! Please be sure to adhere to the original dream, and to achieve it step by step.Remember these names below, they will start to grow together with the Chengdu branch: Li Jing, Chen Congcong, Hu Chunyan, Yi Juan, Yang Peizhi Liang Ting Huang Xin, Liao Shuang, Yu Juan, Yue Yan, Tan Yanqiong, Luo Na, Shao Hongyan, Li Zhao, Yang Shirong, He Yong, Peng Yong, Guo Jun, Chen Xuemei, Cheng Xiaoqin and Gao Xiufang. 1 + 2 = 3 Children's clothing invite more friends to join