Chu Court International Women: harem pants autumn dress count

Bai Luqiu night, night and night. The white dew has just passed, is that the temperature difference between day and night in autumn is gradually emerging. Changes in the temperature of autumn and winter slightly cool, it will also affect the feelings of the sisters dressing. Beauty sisters are not ready to wear pants out yet. Chu Court (International) Fashion 2015 autumn new products have been fully listed, for everyone to recommend Dress up the Harem pants!


Harem pants has always been one of the same fashion items in recent years, comfortable and wild shape won the favor of many celebrities, harem pants shape can see the airport. With wool knit cardigan, a small jacket, or shirt can deduce the temperament of different occasions.


Seven harem pants length just for a little changeable temperature changes, revealing a charming ankle, so whether you are wearing flat shoes, or high heels, or even a pedal Carrefour shoes, fashion Icon Street mix Daren is none other than you.


Chu Court TRUGIRL harem pants version has always been consumers and dealers love the simple style of the atmosphere can still show the "exquisite femininity" style. In the color selection is also used to match the season and the red, gray, brown and other colors, the ultimate beauty from the color details of the infiltration of virtually.


Pants often a simple thin belt is the finishing touch of the details, seemingly arbitrary waist modification, but also full of fashion integrated pursuit. This is full of surprises Chu Pavilion TRUGIRL autumn design. Do sisters still like it? Like to quickly start it! Stores throughout the country are on sale, stay tuned!

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