Hand-woven wigs are not a luxury, but they can enjoy luxury-grade treatment.

A root hair through the skill of craftsmen embroidered mother crocheted style, the perfect outline of a top wig enough real ones. Hand-woven wigs are not a luxury, but we will let you enjoy luxury-grade products and services!


The full-hand woven wig is a top-of-the-line full-hand wig that can be finished by a technician who crochets the hair onto the net cap and splices it for more than 7 days. Hand-woven in the craft, hair material, mesh cap material are selected the most superior materials , so the comfort, breathability and fidelity of wearing are the best. .

Head top seal diagram: the top of the head is randomly divided, the simulation of the scalp, breathable perspiration

The following is a hand-woven video, complex crocheting technique, is it a fancy eye!

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