Salesman success rules and techniques

[China Glass Network] With the continuous development of the market economy, more and more sales talents are required to join; in view of the increasingly severe employment situation of college students, a large part of the graduate team has joined the ranks of salesmen.

But in a highly competitive and challenging sales industry, what qualities should a salesperson have to get rid of mediocrity? Furthermore, what qualities should a salesperson have in order to differentiate themselves from the peers? At the forefront of market sales, I work hard with sales friends to fight for excellent performance and extraordinary life. A few years of study and asking, let me know how to be a sales person. To make more dreams enter the market sales industry, friends have succeeded. I introduced what I learned to you.

The sales staff generally has good qualities in the following four aspects: internal motivation; capable style; sales ability; ability to establish good relationships with customers. These four complement each other and are indispensable.

1. Intrinsic motivation

Different people have different internal motivations, such as self-esteem, happiness, money, etc., but all sales people have one thing in common: there is an endless power to become an outstanding person, and this strong internal motivation can be formed by tempering and honing. But it can't be taught. The source of human internal motivation is different. For example, driven by money, eager to be recognized, and like extensive communication, according to the different sources of internal power, sales personnel can be roughly divided into four types: achievement type; competitive type; Self-realizing; relational.

Specifically, “achievement” salespeople are particularly eager to succeed and will make a huge effort; “competitive” salespeople not only want to succeed, but also eager to beat their opponents (other companies or other salespeople) to get satisfaction. They usually stand up and say to their peers, "I admit that you are the better salesperson of the year, but I will compare with you." "Self-realization" sales people often like to experience the glory of winning, they always Will set their own goals higher; the advantage of "relational" sales people is that they can establish and maintain good customer relationships with customers, they are often generous, meticulous and do their best, "such sales staff is very rare, "A training manager at Minolta said, "We need a salesperson who can patiently answer the tenth question a customer might ask, a salesperson who is willing to stay with the customer."

Salespeople who are not purely competitive, achievement-oriented, self-fulfilling, or relational salespeople will have more or less some of the characteristics of the other three types of salespeople. Moreover, a salesperson who belongs to a certain type of feature becomes more successful if he or she can consciously cultivate more characteristics of people of other types of personality. For example, if a "competitive" salesperson has more sense of relationship, he will do a good job in terms of customer relationships and get more orders.

2, rigorous work style

Regardless of the internal motivation of the sales staff, if they are loosely organized, cohesive and work hard, they will have difficulty meeting the increasing demands of customers.

Sales people are always good at making detailed, well-planned work plans, and can be implemented without compromise in subsequent work. In fact, there is nothing particularly magical about sales work, and some are just tightly organized and diligently working. A successful president said: "Our sales people are never sloppy and procrastinating. If they say they will meet with customers in 2 days, then you can believe that they will definitely be on the customer's side after 2 days."

One of the more desirable qualities of a salesperson is “work hard” rather than “luck” or skill (although luck and skill are sometimes important); or, the salesperson sometimes encounters good luck because They always go out early and late, they sometimes work late into the night for a plan, or they are still negotiating with customers when they get off work.

3. Ability to complete sales

If the salesperson can't get the order from the customer, even if he has more skills and better, it will be awkward.

If you can't make a deal, you won't be able to complete the sale. In general, the sales staff will always try to reach a consensus with the customer to successfully sign the order. How can I become a salesperson? Studies have shown that it is very important that sales personnel should have a spirit of perseverance and perseverance. Sales personnel should not be afraid of failure like athletes, and even give up efforts at a later moment.

Sales people are often convinced of themselves and the products they sell, they are usually very confident and convinced that their decisions are correct; they are very eager to deal, usually in a variety of ways to allow legal and ethical Try to make the deal a success.

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