Tatar costumes featuring ethnic costumes

The Tatar dresses are ten different. National costumes are characterized by the fact that regardless of the age of men and women, they usually wear a white embroidered shirt with wide sleeves, vertical collars, and cross-dressing. Cross-shaped, diamond-shaped and other geometric patterns are embroidered on the collar, cuffs, and chests of shirts. Beautiful. Outside the white shirt, set a waist-short vest. This strong contrast between black and white is more common in men's clothing. In addition to clothes, men wear black and white embroidered caps on their heads. In winter, a blue roll fur cap made of lambskin is worn, a wide black tight-fitting black trousers, an ankle boots, a fur coat, and a waist belt are all powerful and chic.

Characteristics of the Tatar national costumes: Women's clothing The Tatar women's costumes and costumes are close to European folk costumes. Men's clothing is similar to the Uygur people. The woman wears a narrow-sleeved lace blouse and a pleated skirt. The jacket is embroidered with a tight waistcoat. The headband is tied to the back of the head and an embroidered apron is worn around the waist. Wear stockings and shoes. Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, pins on the neckline are common accessories for women. Tatar women are good at embroidery. The Tatar people's clothing is clean, tidy, and beautiful, showing a kind of utilitarian beauty. The man wears a flower hat, wears an embroidered hosiery shirt, and has a waist-triangular embroidered towel. The jacket is unbuttoned, short-sleeved or "snapped," with long trousers and high boots. ("袷袢": A pair of long-sleeved, non-buttoned coats, known in Uighur as "袷袢".) Women in pastoral areas like to nail silver or nickel currency to their clothes.

Tatar national costumes: men's clothing Tatar traditional clothing, men usually wear more sleeves, white shirts with wide sleeves and embroidered laces, plus waist-length black waistcoats or black-faced, unbuttoned long coats with red narrow legs. trousers. Farmers and herdsmen like to tie belts and it is more convenient to operate. Winter wear cotton coat. Women wear large ruffled dresses, mostly yellow, white and purple. Jacket suit jacket or dark waistcoat. Men like to wear embroidered caps and round flat-top velvet flower caps; winter wears black lambskin caps and hats are rolled up. Women wear ball caps, often with shawls on the outside. Especially like to wear earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and other jewelry. Both men and women wear leather shoes or boots. Pastoral women like to nail silver or nickel currency to their clothes.

Tatar ethnic clothing features: decorations Tatar women's clothing is gorgeous and generous. Usually wear a dress, mostly white, yellow, purple, red and other colors, elegant and transparent show charming. Also like to wear a dress with a half-rimmed skirt, ankle, "Caucasus" flower shoes or boots. Wearing an embroidered cap adorned with many beads of color, the cap is covered with a colorful transparent shawl, together with earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, rings and other indispensable ornaments of various textures such as gold, silver, pearls and jade. With enthusiasm, hearty personality, even more beautiful and moving.

Characteristics of Tatar national costumes: Embroidery embroidery is one of the best skills of Tatar women. Their dexterous hands not only embroidered a pleasing pattern in various costumes, but also embroidered colorful patterns on pillows, sheets, quilts, walls, tablecloths, curtains and other interior items. The wedding dresses that the girl marries, is the world where they reveal their talents and wisdom, one side pattern, one blossoming flower, all expressing the girl's docile, kind character and good hopes and pursuits for a new life. The Tatar lads usually use the level of girl's embroidery skills as the criteria for selection, but all without exception will be convinced by the girls' superb skills.

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