Real estate income to catch up with red bean shares into alternative apparel companies

Although it has repeatedly reiterated that clothing is the focus of development, regardless of whether Red Bean’s shares are willing to admit it, the role of real estate business in the company’s main business has become more and more important. According to the three quarterly reports, the company’s revenue decreased significantly during the reporting period, which was due to the decrease in sales revenue of the Red Bean Real Estate International Plaza project in the major holding subsidiary. In the same period, due to the loan of Hongdou Real Estate, the financial expenses increased compared with the same period of last year. 65.58%.

Who will lead the market out of Xiongtu? A week of strong stocks and weak stocks commented on the GEM to try the first delisting system Internet of Things feast four sub-industry share price adjustment to bring thermal power stocks trading opportunities [microblogging] He Chengying: A shares or has now bottom [share] break this market will There was a long period of overcast. "Red beans are commercial real estate. As early as the financial crisis of 2007, the company has already felt the changes in the industry and adjusted its strategy. Moreover, since the beginning of this year, real estate subsidiaries have taken several pieces of land, so The impact of the real estate business in the future on the main business will only be good,” said the relevant person of the Red Bean Co., Ltd. in an interview with Securities Daily. "And the real estate business has a major impact on the main business depends on the characteristics of the industry, and does not pay attention to clothing."

The semi-annual report shows that in the specific product revenue situation, clothing accounted for most of the ratio of about 320 million, but the real estate business followed, with revenue of about 300 million yuan; and from the perspective of operating profit margins, Apparel has an operating margin of 26.85%, and real estate is 35.47%. Taken together, the two are comparable.

More publicly available information on high-quality assets revealed that the business of the Red Bean Group includes clothing, yew, real estate, tires, etc., and diversified business has always been a matter of pride for the Red Bean Group, November 18, 2011, At the "Best Business Model China Summit 2011" held in Beijing, Redbean Group won the "Top 10 Best Business Models of 2011" award for its "multiple expansion of the industrial chain." Its winning keywords are: Cooperative development in apparel, real estate, rubber tires, and biopharmaceuticals, building a new industry group.

As the performance of Red Bean Co., Ltd. has experienced a sharp decline this year, investors are looking forward to the call from Red Bean Group to place its premium assets into listed companies. In fact, as early as the end of 2010, Red Bean Co., Ltd. once rumors that it will inject paclitaxel injections, although the company later said that paclitaxel is not possible to inject into listed companies, and the majority shareholder would like to separate the assets of yew and General Technology.

A few months later, the market again reported rumours that major shareholders wanted to put taxol into a listed company. For red bean shares whose performance is not strong enough, if they can get large shareholders to help put quality assets, such as their underwear, home business, etc., will undoubtedly be a shot in the arm, but the red bean shares related parties in accepting "securities The Daily News did not give a positive response to this interview, but said that if the timing is ripe, these are not excluded.

According to the above-mentioned sources, in the red bean line of clothing, the development momentum of home textiles and women's apparel is also very strong, but this part of the assets has not entered the joint-stock company. “The group plan is to reach 10,000 by 2015-2017. Home stores, and because the cost of opening a store for men's clothing stores is too high, the most open store will be the Red Bean Home Project. The future development of the Group's apparel business will focus on both home and men's clothing.

Performance share price is not equal?

Since the beginning of this year, the continuous decline in cotton prices has caused many worries among the listed companies in the textile and apparel business. However, the above-mentioned persons said in an interview with Securities Daily that the price of cotton directly affects clothing companies. " Its fluctuations are time lags, although prices have been declining since the beginning of this year, but when they fall to the level of clothing and fabrics, this effect has been almost negligible. Moreover, for all apparel companies, fabrics are rich, and It is not just pure cotton fabrics. Of course, if it is home textile business, the impact will be significantly more.”

In order to expand the apparel business, with the increase in the number of clothing stores opened, the management fees for the shares of Red Bean increased significantly. Under the influence of multiple factors, the net profit of Red Bean shares in the first three quarters plummeted by 36.88%. Due to the lack of significant positive stimulus and other factors, the stock price performance of Red Bean was also unsatisfactory. According to Big Wisdom (601519, stocks), Red Bean shares Since its listing, it has fallen below the issue price of 7.4 yuan, and as of November 18, it closed at 5.18 yuan.

In addition, the semi-annual report of Red Bean Co., Ltd. shows that the main business of cotton spinning business is about 66.43 million yuan, but the profit margin is only 3.15%. However, for the current red beans shares, compared to the low profit margins of cotton spinning business and the declining impact of cotton prices, the long-term decline in stock prices is more concerned about investors.

According to great wisdom, the issue price of Hongdou shares that officially landed on the A shares in 2001 was 7.4 yuan, and the opening price on the first day was 17.88 yuan. However, after that, the stocks rarely stayed above the 10 yuan price level, and even fell several times. The issue price has long stayed between 3 and 4 yuan.

For listed companies, does the continued decline in stock prices also reflect the fact that investors are not optimistic about the performance of the company? "Can't use performance to measure the absolute leverage of stocks, which can't explain the performance of red beans." The above-mentioned sources said to this newspaper: "Red beans are a company that does practical business, and the stock price is not good, it only shows that we are more focused on Industrial rather than financial markets."

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