Formaldehyde exceeded the wooden furniture fatal injury

Does your home have wooden furniture? This question lay before ten people. It is estimated that ten people will say yes. Wooden furniture is an indispensable product in home life, but not all wooden furniture is environmentally friendly, and many wooden furniture still have problems of excessive formaldehyde.

Market research "What are the most worried about buying furniture?" From the market research conducted by Jinling Evening News Home Research Center on the eve of March 15, there were more than eight adults worried about excessive formaldehyde in furniture.

One of the respondents, Ms. Sun, said that she could only judge whether furniture had a pungent odor and whether formaldehyde exceeded the standard, but she also knew that this practice was unreliable.

Laboratory data learned from the National Building Materials Center: In terms of wooden furniture, excessive formaldehyde emission is the most common unqualified item in the detection of wooden furniture.

Test engineer Huang Hao introduced the technical problems of formaldehyde detection: real solid wood furniture generally does not exceed formaldehyde, but formaldehyde does not exceed the standard is not equal to zero formaldehyde promoted by some businesses, even if the test report states that "formaldehyde is not detected" is only to say Formaldehyde levels below the instrument detection limit are not zero formaldehyde. In the case of sheet-type furniture, glues, adhesives, etc. must be used in the production process of the furniture, and there may be problems with excessive formaldehyde. A few years ago, the unqualified sheet-type furniture found in the case of formaldehyde exceeded the standard by 5-6 times. However, with the improvement of the quality of raw materials and the improvement of the process, this data has been greatly reduced in the past two years. Some products will still exceed the standard, which is at most about 2 times more than the standard.

“Green” Trap Test Engineer Huang Hao: At present for the home environment, many people will choose solid wood furniture in the purchase of wooden furniture, but pay attention: not all sheet furniture are not environmentally friendly, some of the big brand of plate Furniture is probably more environmentally friendly than small brand solid wood furniture. This is because there are a lot of pseudo-solid wood furniture in the market.

Although some of the propaganda was solid wood furniture, plates were used in concealed areas. Some of them are not solid wood furniture, but they mislead consumers in publicity, such as “solid wood particle board”. Unknown consumers will think that solid wood particle board is also solid wood. In fact, the common name of wood particle board is particle board. The term “wood particle board” is not used in professional jargon. It is a word created by a business person in order to move closer to solid wood.

There are also some solid wood furniture that promote the use of high-grade wood, such as oak. However, in fact, only a small part of the oak is used, and most of the other wood is still ordinary wood such as rubber wood. In order to prevent these green traps, consumers are advised to put their promotional commitments on the contract when they purchase. If the other party does not even dare to keep such evidence, it is highly likely that there will be false propaganda.

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