Annil children's clothing will be unveiled at the 2012 Shenzhen Fair

Annil children's wear will attend the twelfth China Shenzhen international brand clothing and Fashion Fair (SZIC2012). By then, Anyi children's wear will show you a different kind of style. Annil focuses on children aged 0.5-12 years to provide green and high-end leisure children's wear, both popular and practical, both comfort and health characteristics unique in the domestic children's clothing brand. Annil children's clothing is about to debut 2012 Shenzhen Trade Fair design philosophy: Annil advocating natural simplicity, comfort and elegant design concept, adhering to the style, leisure, freedom and style, costume theme and Greek accessories (such as hats, scarves, Hair accessories, eyes, backpacks, socks, shoes, etc.) are free to mix and match so that the boys wearing Annil are elegant and handsome, courteous and lively; girls are cute, well-behaved, elegant and not Loss of children true. Fabrics advantages: Fabric development and improvement of quality control is the key to product success, adhering to the children's commitment to providing the most healthy and comfortable children's clothing, Anai Er to comfortable cotton-based, supplemented by other silk, wool, blended fabrics, from the fabric Yarn selection, to weaving, printing and dyeing, finished product processing, such as the entire process of tracking and monitoring control, printing and dyeing all the use of environmentally-friendly dyes to ensure that every piece of clothing are given to children's natural health care. Annil children's clothing is about to debut in 2012 Shenzhen Trade Fair Annil Anner children pay attention to environmental protection, all products are used pure cotton, linen, wool and other fabrics, printing and dyeing all reactive environmental dyes to ensure that every piece of clothing can make Put on her children get healthy care; advocating natural simplicity, the pursuit of self-confidence in the design concept, uphold the fashion, leisure, freedom with the European style, the main body of the clothing and accessories are free to match, so that each wearing ani children's clothing Of the children feel confident and generous, publicity personality, to help children do "confident childhood."

This is a product designed for paper-cut or embroidery products and their derivatives. They are handmade and made with Chinese characteristics and traditional methods.
Embroidery: The hand-embroidered bag material is made of high-quality fabrics, hand-embroidered by a line of embroidered women, and carefully needle-stitched. The Embroidered Brooch is designed with traditional Chinese butterfly shapes and flower shapes as a sample, traditional and retro.
Paper-cut: Taken from Chinese traditional red paper, the paper is cut by Chinese non-genetic inheritors and senior art masters. The shape depends on the local scenery or legends, especially the portrait paper-cut, which is vivid and vivid.


Hand-Embroidered Animals,Scenic Embroidery Scroll,Desert Embroidery Gift,Embroidery-Painting

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