Christmas gifts rise warm temperature and good domestic sales gift market

Christmas gifts rise in temperature Wenzhou optimistic about domestic gifts market Starting in June, a large truck full of containers rolled out of Linxi Township, Ruian City, which is known as the "Home of Christmas Gifts," and sent "Christmas Gifts" to all parts of the world. While sales of Christmas gifts are hot, some manufacturers are targeting the domestic market.

According to statistics from the Linxi Office of the Huling Township Economic and Trade Service Center, as of July this year, Linxi Township’s Christmas product export orders were 195 million yuan, up 9% year-on-year. "Orders are flying, but profits are getting less and less." Zheng Xuwen, general manager of Ruian City Walter Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., said that the company has shipped more than 3 million US dollars in orders, mainly to the Netherlands, Germany and France. Although companies do not make orders at all, profits have been squeezed less and less as raw materials have risen, *** has risen, and labor costs have risen.

In recent years, domestic companies and families have been paying more and more attention to Christmas. Christmas atmosphere has gradually taken shape. Some large-scale production enterprises in Linxi Township have their sights on the domestic market. Okuang Group has used network marketing methods to expand its domestic market and harvested more than 10 million yuan worth of orders each year. “Enterprises are very optimistic about the domestic market, and some large companies will attend domestic exhibitions. They have marketing points in Yiwu.” Wang Shiming, director of the Linxi Office of the Linling Office, told reporters that many companies are based in Yiwu. The Center radiates the national market and marketing networks are very important for opening up the domestic market.

Last year, a single domestic large-scale supermarket “business” let a company in Linxi Township taste the sweetness. “Young people love foreign festivals, the domestic market is very large, and domestic orders are not worried about the exchange rate.” The relevant person in charge of the company told reporters Last year, exports only earn money and do not make money, while domestic sales have a much larger profit margin than exports. “We are developing new products for the domestic market.” Mr. Wang, the Christmas pendant business owner, said that most of the buyers at the end of the year came from domestic hotels, guesthouses and other industries, and for this reason they have made preparations ahead of schedule.

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