Benny rabbit, let you embrace the sweet days of spring

Today is the last day of February, the atmosphere of spring has been constantly waves, Benny Rabbit 2012 spring and summer new products, with a sweet atmosphere of the flavor of the Spring Festival, has landed to the major shopping centers slightly, Beni fashion hall, girls Cartoon bags, clothing, boutique (watches, umbrellas) the preferred brand, changing the mood of fashionable girls as the main line, keeping up with fashion trends, changing styles, the use of rich colors and fashionable elements to be integrated, highlighting the unique temperament! Want to be a spring invincible youthful pretty girl, Beini rabbit must not be missed, simple and lovely and lively and lovely jacket is cool for the early spring Oh. Benny rabbit, let you embrace the sweet days of spring!

贝妮兔 - banirabbit

Classic retro stripes, playful cute little red bow, special and elegant, with a small bow skirt, interpretation of the perfect dream girl!


Polka dot has always been the protagonist of the popular, small color wave full of youth and vitality, catch the sweet white net yarn skirts, do not want to love is hard Oh!


College wind jacket jacket, catch Scottish pleated skirts, in this cool early spring is sweet, but with the fashion and cold Oh!

For the outdoor , we would like to hanging a Acrylic Beaded Garland curtain which string by the wire and some fix by the crimp beads. And many of shapes you can choose, like butterfly ,flower, round beads and Cube Beads ect. Anyway there will be have one style is you like.

String Beaded Garland Curtain-YZC

String Curtains With Beads, Stunning Beaded Garland, Beaded Garland Strands, Holiday Beaded Garland, Wedding Beaded Garland, acrylic crystal bead curtain

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