European fan Purcell brand women show ultimate feminism

Hong Kong, European charm Purcell International Group Garment Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, the main brand operations, product design, R & D, licensing join other integrated business of professional enterprises, with nearly 200 terminals nationwide retail network monopoly, advanced production equipment More than 800 sets (sets), the total staff of more than 1,000. Independent "Ou Fu Saier" Industrial Park is located in the "Baiyun Airport" economic circle of the core, adjacent to the Metro Line 3 Longguizhan; covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters.


16 years of trials and hardships, "Ou Meier Purcell" is still clinging to "lead the fashion, the concept of communication" business purposes, because of "very feminist" dream and diligently pursue, interpretation of a classic beauty legend.
【branded advantages】
1. Designer original brand: the top ten fashion designers from China Pen, has a stable, mature product line style;
2. Precise product positioning: In response to changes in the consumer trends of women's apparel, the Company has positioned itself as a fashion, individuality, publicity and highlighting products. There is no strong competitive brand in the market with low competition intensity and a huge market capacity.
3. Strong corporate strength: The company has its own acres of industrial parks, and hundreds of professional production equipment and skilled industrial workers, for the product on the shelf and brand building and development provided a solid material guarantee.

欧魅赛尔品牌女装 展现极致女性主义

This is a type of yarn dyed fabric, its special is using the material of polyester shrinkage yarn, which makes the designs more vivid and the fabric touching special.

We start this fabric from the beginning of 2015, more than one year past, it still very popular with the customers, especially for American and European markets. Now, under this type of fabric, we nearly have 20 patterns, each pattern including 7-8 colors.

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