Love yarn baby public to challenge Triumph, the fit is the best

Seemingly calm lingering undercity in the industry.

November 11, 2011, in the well-known underwear brand " Love yarn Baby" settled in the northeast opening ceremony, Love yarn Clothing International Group (China) Co., Ltd. Chairman Zou Jifu said at the opening ceremony: "Our native underwear is not foreign Brand underwear Triumph poor, foreign brand underwear are European version of the design is not necessarily suitable for Chinese women, only the fit is the best.


This blatant challenge is not just empty slogans, accompanied by the action. Love yarn Group Marketing Department announced the same day, will be a market price of 780 yuan "love yarn baby" aloe health adjustment underwear down to 98 yuan sales, claiming that let love yarn both baby style and price are suitable for Chinese women spending By. This initiative immediately aroused the uproar, China local underwear dare to board Yang brand - Triumph called the global underwear giant business underwear, which is unique in the history of Chinese clothing! Some people can not help but ask why Love yarn Baby local brand underwear more suitable for foreign brands of Chinese women underwear?

Survey shows that although the foreign brand underwear in the Chinese market is still very strong, but in recent years, the rising trend of domestic underwear brand can not be ignored. In particular, to love yarn Baby represented by a group of innovative underwear brand, has evolved in the development of its own style formed, cultivating a solid market, unite a group of loyal fans.

According to reports from relevant testing institutes and data from the technical department of Love yarn Group, "Love yarn baby" absorbed the most fashionable elements and high-quality high-tech fabrics in the world at the same time, combined with the characteristics of Chinese women's body, using ergonomic Learning design, created a lot of local characteristics. Correspondingly, from Germany, the world-renowned underwear brand Triumph has more than 120 years of history, has successfully established underwear brand dominance. But Triumph this seemingly unshakeable foreign brands, but it has a fatal birth defects: the European version of the underwear is not necessarily suitable for Chinese women!

For the European version of underwear on Asian women, especially Chinese women acclimatized, the industry actually has long been a meager, but the domestic consumers are limited by the asymmetry of knowledge and information, coupled with how much the mentality of worship, the comfort of wearing underwear There is no reasonable pursuit, and some domestic underwear manufacturers whose own development is still immature can barely stand up and boldly expose the "new clothes of the emperor." It is precisely because with the steady growth of China's economy and the continuous development of science and technology, a group of emerging enterprises represented by Love yarn have the courage to point out the disadvantages that foreign brand underwear bring to Chinese women. Love yarn Group R & D staff to reporters, because the Chinese women and breasts and Europeans different breasts, European women above the breasts large, small chassis, Asian women's breasts above the small, large chassis. Therefore, Chinese women wear European version of the underwear off, often found in breast tissue under pressure from the deep traces. In the long run, the oppressed breast tissue prone to disease, and even induce breast cancer! To this end, was born in China's local love yarn baby underwear located in a special service to Chinese women.

"The most understand Chinese woman heart!" Love yarn underwear in the romantic advertising slogan behind the R & D staff is a lot of effort and effort, chairman of Zou Jifu asked them must be "the most understanding of China's female body features and needs!" Love yarn market, R & D staff on the Chinese women's new body and underwear market for a year-long survey thoroughly before and after nearly a thousand people tried on nearly a hundred different underwear design, and finally have the counter now On the official sale of "Love yarn baby." Zou Jifu claims Love yarn because it is suitable for Asian women, especially Chinese women's needs, and dare to challenge Diane, its greatest strength may come from here. The vigorous young chairman, on the basis of doing a lot of basic work, taking into account the psychological characteristics of consumers and affordability under the premise, but also asked the staff of R & D department for Love yarn decorated with rich Lace and color, in the pursuit of scientific production of underwear, the introduction of Chinese men's visual evaluation of women's underwear evaluation system, dedication of a variety of different styles of work, the underwear comfort, fashion, the concept of health interpretation to the extreme.

The reporter visited Love yarn production process learned that one of the differences between Love yarn Baby and Triumph is that love yarn baby take adjustment underwear line is designed for oriental women, more in line with the characteristics of Chinese women's body, using three Tailored to form a perfect "palm rest" shape, the use of human kinematics, ergonomics, structural mechanics design, coupled with high-quality high-tech materials, it is more suitable for Chinese women to wear; and Triumph underwear go Fashion line, it is designed according to the European female body design, more in line with Western women wear! The most touching is that, in order to better reflect the fit of Chinese women, love yarn baby price is very close to the people: 100 variety of love yarn baby lingerie prices in the 88--238! Market data show that the price of both ordinary workers and senior white-collar workers can accept, more suitable for China's national conditions. Love yarn quality of the baby + people close to the price, better wear efficiency, more expensive than the ridiculous foreign brand lingerie temptation to love yarn as the representative of the domestic underwear, of course, more able to capture the hearts and minds of Chinese women.


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