How to protect the soundproof window when a typhoon strikes

The residents of the coastal cities are no strangers to the typhoon. Once the typhoon comes, the destructive power is extremely strong, especially the high-rise buildings in the offshore, and the soundproof windows installed in the home are more noticeable. The soundproof windows of Guangzhou Jingmei are reminded: typhoon days should be safe. Protective measures:

First, install the soundproof window that is open outside to close the window:

The typhoon is strong and fast, and the damage caused by it is unimaginable. Therefore, remember to close the soundproof window. The outer flat-type soundproof window is installed with the original window removed. Unlike the original window of the developer, the firmness is not so good. The window frame installed by the developer has been built into the wall during the exterior wall construction, and the outer frame of the soundproof window is fixed to the wall by hardware fittings. The typhoon gate is closed on the soundproof window and is relatively small.

On the other hand, the outer casement window is mainly fixed by the hinge on one side of the window sash. The window should occupy a space outside the wall. It is easy to be damaged when the wind is blown. The soundproof window is extremely thick because of the soundproof glass. If the typhoon wind is strong It is easy to fall; in addition, the typhoon day should be closed to the soundproof window to prevent rain from entering the room with the wind.

Second, the installed soundproof window must be closed to the outside window:

If the soundproof window is installed indoors, in order to prevent rain from entering the room, the original original window needs to be closed. If you don't close the outside window, it is impossible to close the soundproof window. The rain will wet the soundproof window, and the water will follow the glass with dust to enter the track, making the track difficult to push and easily damage the track.

If it is at a high level and is easily exposed to the wind, Typhoon Day must not only close the outside window, but also the soundproof windows inside. We know that because there are no other buildings blocking the high-rise, the wind is large, especially the large floor-to-ceiling windows and floor-to-ceiling doors. The gap between the original outer window and the door is relatively large, and the sealing between the window sash and the outer frame is not good. When the typhoon comes, the window will make a loud noise, close the soundproof window, and the sound will not be heard.

Third, after the typhoon, pay attention to the maintenance of the soundproof window:

After the typhoon, we must open the window to ventilate, pay attention to keep the soundproof window track dry. Use a brush to clean the sand and dust from the track of the soundproof window, then clean the track with a semi-dry rag. When the track is completely dry, we will spray the lubricant.

In summary, Guangzhou Jingmeijia soundproof windows suggest that cities that often suffer from typhoons should pay attention to the weather forecast. Before going out, close the doors and windows to take protective measures. After the typhoon, remember to clean and maintain the soundproof windows.

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