Summer must-have: solid color long dresses closer to the goddess

This site, July 14th, said that in summer dresses that can combine both comfort and goddess, I am afraid that there is only a solid color one-piece dress. The chiffon silk summer sunshade is refreshing and elegant. It is the goddess' best choice.

[With Tips]

Tips1 long dress + hit color high heels

Lin Chi-ling's body in the red chiffon dress dress goddess range of children full of red color is passionate, a red dress with high-heeled shoes so that the warm Lin Chi-ling also added a bit of enthusiasm.

Tips2: One-piece dress + nude high heels

Miranda-Kair wearing a Emanuel Ungaro dress, rose red and tender age of 10 years old, split skirt is a big weapon to show long legs, long leg sisters must learn to buy Long skirts, nude colored high-heeled shoes let the overall coordination with many levels.

Tips3: One-piece dress + flat sandals

Long skirts and flat sandals really match, with flat shoes and high-heeled shoes feel completely different, Miranda - can be children's tea green dress even more beautiful, windbreaker-style dress and waist lace design a bit more Atmosphere, just open up so high waist pay attention to anti-lighting Oh.

Tips4: One-Piece Dress + Black Stiletto Heels

Zhang Yanning's body in orange shawl paragraph sleeveless dress dazzling bright colors, the back of the shawl adds a bit of graceful elegant, how can you avoid poked dead fine with high-heeled shoes, the goddess is to enchant in the end.

Tips5: One-piece dress + bright color mini bag

This year's mini bag is very popular, and the mini bag with a small feeling is not very good with the goddess Fan's long dress, but it is a fashion this summer. This black strapless dress by Nysha Huggins Is the classic paragraph strap dress, and any occasion can hold live goddess models black dress can be married in a closet.

Tips6: One-piece Dress + Wide Belt

No matter how beautiful a one-piece dress plus a wide belt is immediately upgraded, the supermodel Emily's long dress is elegant, plus the belt highlights the beauty of detail. It's just that this dress doesn't really wear a red carpet, However, the navy blue dress is really not beautiful.

Tips7 Deep V Long Dress + Long Necklace

Reality show actress VICKY TTISON's dark green V-length dress is a big chest summer favorite sister, but there is no decoration on the chest and looks like space, with a long necklace flew to increase the fashion sense of sexy, high waistline Stretch your legs.

Tips8: One-Piece Dress + White Shoes

Said so much, of course, this summer, the hottest little white shoes, Rosie · Huntington - Whitley this white oblique shoulder dress with a pair of Addidas fire can not fire the white shoes look particularly sporty and stylish , properly become a mix and match goddess. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Cooperative media: sinidan shoes women's Cartier crocodile shoes)

Duang!! Sweep, there is a surprise!!!

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