Five tips teach you to identify amber

â– Smell the taste of natural amber. There is a rosin taste when punching. Unfinished amber rough, you can smell a special scent after heat.

â– Fluorescence Amber is placed under the money detector and irradiated with ultraviolet light. Natural amber emits green, blue, white and other fluorescence, while plastic fake amber does not change color.

â–  Saturated brine to prepare a 1:4 saturated brine solution. If the true amber is placed in it, it will float up (except Coba resin), and the plastic product will sink.

â–  Hot needle probe heats the needle on the alcohol lamp and then tests it in the secret of amber. The true amber is a pine scent, while the plastic product is a spicy taste.

â–  Look at the structure Looking at the natural inclusions with a magnifying glass, the plastic imitation beeswax will have a relatively obvious fluid structure. Although amber has a similar structure, it is different from plastic.

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