"Mark Huafei: Invigorating traffic is the key, the clothing industry "live broadcast + new retail" will play this way"

Recently, the multi-art trendy brand Mark Huafei Shenyang Joy City flagship store opened grandly. This is also the first concept store in China opened after the upgrade of Mark Huafei's brand positioning. At the opening site, many fashionistas also came to the store to check in, cut the ribbon for the concept store appearance, and jointly participated in the on-site store opening ceremony.

According to reports, Mark Huafei’s flagship store in Joy City Shenyang is built by Douxi Design, which has won many internationally renowned awards. The design layout is based on the theme of "Whale Falling", combined with the characteristics of Shenyang's local heavy industry to bring a new look, presenting a multi-functional sensory experience space integrating installation art, trendy clothing, and art culture. Various art installations are displayed in the shop, and each place can become the background for the photo of the internet celebrity, and it becomes the mecca of the internet celebrity landmark.

After the outbreak of the times, against the city and direct broadcast on Fun new retail

In the current consumer environment, the media that determines consumers' purchasing decisions are constantly changing. Live broadcast is currently the most direct and popular media. Driven by the Internet upgrade in recent years, many clothing brands have entered the live broadcast room and played "clothing + live broadcast". Mark Huafei is one of the explorers of the "new clothing retail" model.

Shenyang opened the first flagship store concept Joy occasion, the studio turned fiery live pomp, and in addition to the studio, an area where every shop, every corner can be turned into the studio. Contemporary people live in a folding space, lack of communication and sharing, and starting a long-term live broadcast, in addition to sharing and communicating brand stories with more friends, it also allows Mark Huafei to have a deeper understanding of consumer needs and needs. Aesthetic.

When talking about the live broadcast, the relevant person in charge of Mark Huafei mentioned: " Invigorating online traffic is very important. The four most obvious benefits of live broadcast for brand stores are that it broadens the traffic flow through the online network, and the second is that it can be closer to consumers. , The third is to cultivate an exclusive circle of customer groups, and the fourth is to open a live broadcast to ensure the bargaining power of the brand, and will not damage the brand equity due to the low price of the external anchor." This time the live broadcast room is moved into Shenyang. The Joy City flagship store hopes to use this way to be closer to consumers, face-to-face communication and exchanges with contemporary young people, while providing consumers with relaxed and fashionable products, comfortable and convenient shopping experience, and conveying a A relaxed lifestyle.

Why can live broadcasts rise rapidly in the clothing industry? Live broadcasts are the closest location to consumers. The style and positioning of each live broadcaster are based on the fashion of each season. They themselves can discover new fashion trends through their own sensitivity. Even become a fashion trend maker. "From the selection, to live sales, and then to supply, the production cycle of this clothing is constantly shortening." Mark Huafei said the relevant person in charge-the clothing supply chain of Internet celebrities can greatly shorten the cycle of clothing production.

In the face of the severe market environment in the post-epidemic era, the launch of new retail live broadcast is also an important measure that Mark Huafei decided to make against the market. "We use live broadcast to achieve a model that combines real-time and product updates to serve accurate customer groups. Compared with shop consumption, customers are no longer limited to locals and are more sticky. At the same time, the anchor acts as an intermediate bridge connecting products and fans. And removing most of the intermediate channel links and advertising costs, the profit margin is also large."

Both art and fashion, multi-functional sensory experience space

In addition, the store space layout design is worth mentioning. When mentioning the design layout of the concept store, Mr. Yang Kuntian, CEO of Mark Huafei, introduced: "The store brings together the most innovative product series and technologically immersive experience area. It is also a novel live broadcast space that vividly showcases the new retail model. It not only breaks through the past. The image design of the Mark Huafei store caters to the aesthetic perspective of the post-95s and post-00s generation, reshaping the brand’s youthful image."

According to the person in charge of the Mark Huafei Concept Flagship Store, the store vision continues the brand's consistent "ideal blue". The overall space is created in a bright, multi-level oceanic style, with eye-catching blue lighting and high-tech interactive experience devices, full of technological light. The metal experimental wall and electronic circular hanging gallery vividly simulate diving cabin devices, which only provide consumers with a better shopping experience.

In the art interactive area, the store carefully created a transparent alien whale installation that integrates Eastern and Western design concepts, using the Eastern Luban design tenon and tenon process concept combined with the ingenuity of Western space design, symbolizing the renewed force of the cycle, hanging down with the zenith Flying in the air, the whale dorsal fin that can swing up and down presents interesting interaction; a cutting-edge art installation that simulates marine life forms, and the slowly rotating blades imply vigorous and active fantasy vitality.

The exhibition space of artistic diversity-National Tide Art Series, International Art Series, and Simple Art Series bring the trend of freedom. The designer integrates the concept of avant-garde art installations and the theme of "Whale Falling" into the display atmosphere. Through various display methods, each series brings consumers a more free and relaxed personalized shopping experience.

In the future, Mark Huafei will open a number of concept stores across the country. Taking the opportunity of the new upgrade of the Shenyang Joy City concept store, Mark Huafei will kick off the visual image upgrade of omni-channel stores, and the omni-channel store VI will be fully upgraded; at the same time , Innovative layout of the "Thousands of Stores and Thousands of Faces" marketing model, will tailor-made limited edition flagship stores according to different urban cultures, and will bring consumers a more exciting and diverse art experience by opening a regional network celebrity space based on local conditions.

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