What are the misunderstandings when collecting Hetian jade?

It is understood that in the collection team of Hetian jade, some people prefer sheep white jade, and some people specialize in "playful and clever". In order to understand more clearly the misunderstanding of Hetian jade in the collection, the author deliberately came to the "Yi Yi Xuan and Tian Yu Carving Studio" to find experts here, to help us tell us what misunderstandings in the collection of Hetian jade.

Although the leather can be called the “ID card” of Hetian jade seed material, but because some collectors are too obsessed with skin color, it has inadvertently contributed to the manufacture of fake leather in Hetian jade market.

Yan Yixuan experts told the author: "Hetian jade seed material skin color is only a icing on the cake, a piece of Hetian jade is good or bad, mainly depends on its moisture and color. Some people pay too much attention to the skin color, inadvertently encouraged The manufacture of fake leather in Hetian jade market."

Experts also said: "It is better to identify the fake skin on the mountain material. Now some fake skins are faked on the real seed material, and some are because the surface of the seed material is flawed, so a fake skin is covered to cover the concealer, while others are It is covered with a layer of skin on the leather of the seed material. We call it the 'two skin face' in the industry. The purpose of these two kinds of fraud is to cover the problem of the seed material. The best skin color is the red skin. And autumn pear skin, but in fact, the quality of jade is the most important, the Chinese traditional aesthetic of jade is also white and innocent. If the skin is not good, such Hetian jade can not be called a good jade ."

After listening to the experts, do you have a deeper understanding of Hetian jade's collection?

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