The essential difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring

The ring has a strong symbolic meaning since ancient times, divided into engagement rings and wedding rings.

Engagement ring refers to the pre-order of the preliminary decision after the meeting between the two families. When the man proposes a marriage, he will send a ring with a gemstone. It is not limited to a diamond. If it is a traditional family, it is usually a family biography. It may not be expensive, but it will make a lot of sense. Nowadays, many people also buy new jewellery, which is usually inlaid. According to the custom of our country, the engagement ring is generally worn in the middle finger of the left hand, indicating that the heart has belonged.

The wedding ring is generally the ring we call the ring. This ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand and will not be taken off, so the style is very simple. The decision made by the families of both parties to achieve a balance between material and interest, this will be the fate and sustenance of your life, and the engagement as the basis for the two people to cultivate their feelings in the early stage (formerly the habit of the dolls to get married in order to adapt, now Also in order to adapt to the exchange of rings to each other, symbolizing good expectations and blessings.

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Engagement rings and wedding rings are essentially different, so there are naturally differences in the etiquette of the two periods (depending on the different meanings of the region and culture), the ring is one of the important accessories, it symbolizes the beautiful love. Let's talk about the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring:

1. Different forms. The engagement ring is the ring that the man gives to his girlfriend to determine your willingness to get married. The wedding ring is a gift that is exchanged between men and women at the wedding to determine love and determine marriage.

2. Different meanings. Engagement rings represent a token of love, symbolizing the existence of a marriage contract; while a wedding ring means that the wearer already has a legitimate spouse and has a blessed happy marriage.

3. Different wearing parts. In the case of a woman, it should be worn on the ring finger to show loyalty and obedience to the spouse. The engagement ring before marriage should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand, and the wedding ring should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand, meaning that the left hand can be connected to the heart.

Which finger does the engagement ring wear?

Marriage ring: It is used by the man to propose a marriage to the woman. She expresses her wish to marry and be willing to be her life partner. Before the woman accepted it, the ring was called a marriage ring. Once the woman promised the man's request, then the ring became their engagement ring. So the engagement ring and the engagement ring are essentially the same ring. The wearing method of the marriage ring is the same at home and abroad. It is usually worn on the left hand. Because the ring finger of the left hand is wearing the ring, it is already married or already engaged. Other boys have no chance, so the girl is willing to wear the ring finger. It means that I am willing to marry a boy. Therefore, the engagement ring should be worn on the woman's left ring finger.

Which finger does the wedding ring wear?

Wedding rings: Wedding rings are generally ring-to-face. They are usually presented at the ceremony of exchanging rings at the wedding. The bride and groom will wear a wedding ring symbolizing marriage for each other. At this time, the wearing method at home and abroad is different. Foreigners are not divided into men and women, and they are uniformly worn on the ring finger of the left hand. The country follows the "tradition of male left and right women". The bridegroom's wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, and the bride wears it. On the right ring finger.

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