Two simple points let you learn to match silver

Speaking of silver jewelry is simple and simple, it is difficult to say that it is difficult, because each person's aesthetic is different, the requirements are different, so that the silver jewelry is not so established, but the silver jewelry must master two points, one is to find the style of their own, the other It is to keep up with fashion, anyway, no matter how it is matched, it is absolutely correct to bring out personal style and characteristics.

Some silver accessories are recommended, so you can match them without the silverware:

1) The sterling silver jewelry with simple style and slim shape should be matched with a more formal professional suit;

2) The sterling silver jewelry with unique design and exaggerated style should be equipped with comfortable casual wear;

3) Cute dresses are more suitable for wearing a more cartoon accessory;

4) Silver ornaments with colored stones (without black) are suitable for young girls;

5) Silverware should be avoided to be worn with gold jewelry as much as possible, because the temperament of the silverware is different, but the silverware with different styles can be worn at the same time, showing a rich texture;

6) Silverware is a fashion Dongdong. It is necessary to pay attention to the styles that are often changed and lead the fashion trend.

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