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"ONLY SIMPLE only simple " under the premise of the spirit, enhance the product, pay attention to each cut, meticulous to each button the use of shape and color, perfect for each piece of work, carefully carved. Because she not only gives is a dress, but also a way of life and a life attitude. Always adhering to the personality and fashion Mix & Match's brand spirit, the fashion, comfort, femininity, leisure the perfect blend of the four. Advocate a harmonious culture, advocate simple and arbitrary, to create a perfect new mashup art philosophy.


Simple loose t-shirt, t-shirt is the most common, but with a good t-shirt, make it simple, so that a simple t-shirt reflects its own charm, leisure irregular cut skirt, highlighting the personality , Coupled with t-shirts, t-shirts so much more fashion sense.

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Chiffon Slim black with perspective, very charming, coupled with fur short skirts, it is extraordinarily tall, filling the perfect figure, allowing you to cast all the time are exudes endless femininity.

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