What kind of music should I use for insomnia?

How much sleep is healthy and varies from person to person. The sleep situation of each person is different. It is generally considered to be 7-8 hours, but there are exceptions. For example, those who sleep shortly, do not sleep for more than 4 hours a day, such as Da Vinci sleeps every 4 hours, about 15 minutes each time; those who have long sleep, such as Einstein, sleep about 10 hours a day, this Both are normal and require no treatment.

Chinese medicine believes that there are two hours of the day that are most suitable for sleep: one is noon, that is, from 11 noon to 13 pm, at this time, the yang in the body is the most prosperous, the yin is gradually growing, the nap is a moment, and the yang can be raised; the second is when the child is That is, from 23:00 to 1 am in the night, at this time, the yin and yang of the human body is large, and it is especially important to recharge your batteries.

What harm does insomnia have on health? It is said that there is one of the most severe penalties in the world, that is, prisoners are not allowed to sleep. It can be seen that insomnia is simply being punished in bed. So, what harm does it have to people's health after they can't sleep?

First, it is easy to make people languish, daytime sleepiness, upset, dizziness, and thus affect people's learning and work.

The second is to affect brain function. When a person sleeps in a lying position, the blood flow of the brain is seven times that of standing. If you lose sleep at night, the blood flowing through your brain will decrease, leading to chronic brain insufficiency and neurological disorders.

Third, it is susceptible to coronary heart disease. Long-term staying up late and insomnia, the body's metabolic disorders, abnormal blood lipids, damage to the cardiovascular, causing coronary heart disease.

The fourth is to induce hypertension. Irregular life is an important factor in causing high blood pressure, and insomnia promotes blood pressure to rise further.

The fifth is to weaken the body's immunity. Working all night and sleeping well for a long time, the imbalance of metabolism can make the body's immunity decline, and it is difficult to resist the invasion of the disease.

Music therapy helps promote sleep In recent years, non-pharmacological treatment of insomnia has attracted people's attention, and music therapy is one of them. If you can listen to some classical and soft music with beautiful melodies, rhythm and melody before going to sleep, it is very good for sleep. It should be noted that it is not appropriate to use music that is too fast and noisy. When playing music, the volume should not be too strong or too high, otherwise it will be counterproductive and harmful to human health. The music selected for music therapy also needs to be different for people. Everyone's personality, music cultivation and music hobbies are different, so you should choose different music in a targeted manner and pay attention to the overall adjustment.

Simple hypnosis without medicine 1. Sit for 30 minutes before going to bed. If you can't fall asleep after lying in bed for half an hour, immediately get up to other rooms and continue to sit still under the dim light. After relaxing, go back to the bedroom to sleep.

2. Do not watch TV for 1 hour before going to bed, do not exercise, do not drink strong tea, coffee, etc.

3. Adhere to aerobic exercise, such as 30 to 40 minutes jogging or brisk walking in the morning, afternoon or dinner.

4. Don't take your troubles to bed, put a notepad on your pillow, write down the unpleasant things during the day, then sleep again.

5. You can sleep late on weekends, but you can't exceed the usual 2~3 hours.

6. Snoring people try to "sleep sideways".

7. Insomniacs should avoid sleeping during the day.

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